Selection Process

Process of Selection and Departure Formalities

After getting the aforementioned documents in hand, we start screening the workers on the basis of nature of company and ability of the workers in respective field. In this process, we take the following factors into account:

  • Whether the candidate is suitable for the particular nature of job.
  • Whether she/he can accept the terms and conditions offered by the employers.
  • Whether the candidate seems physically and mentally sound enough to perform the offered job.

On receipt of recruitment permission from the Department of Labor, we make an advertisement in national newspapers mentioning the details of the job. So as to be assured on the fact that the candidates are in good health, we urge them to submit the verified certificate of the physical check-up from authentic clinic.

We conduct theoretical questioning and trade testing to measure the ability of the candidates by the respective experts. After completing these processes, we then enter into the final approval and orientation stages. As we do have our own company to impart orientation to the candidates, the candidates who have acquired their visas, are supposed to take part in orientation program

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